ProtQtor – The best diesel theft protection on the market

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Protqtor – a cheap investment

Finally, protection against fuel theft that really works. With a very simple, robust and safe construction, ProtQtor puts the diesel thief on the spot.

ProtQtor, with its bargain price is a cheap investment to avoid the social issues that diesel thefts has become.

With ProtQtor the diesel thief never gets away with more fuel than the small amount contained in the tube. For ProtQtor there is also a granulate that can be used in the pipe and is drawn into the diesel thief’s pump together with the small amount of fuel. The granulate incapacitates the thief’s equipment.

ProtQtor – an award-winning diesel theft protection that works

ProtQtor [protektor] is a robust and secure diesel theft protection that has been on the market for a year. Initially ProtQtor is sold through Swecon and for Volvo excavators, but product development is underway to broaden the product range to include other types of construction machines and other brands.

Through our successful partnership with Swecon, ProtQtor is currently used in a hundred excavators around the country. Customer satisfaction is very high and so far there has been no known theft attempts that have succeeded.

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With its robustness, ProtQtor is by far the most superior diesel theft protection available on the market today. ProtQtor can not be forcefully opened with neither skewer or other equipment.

– Quick and easy assembly
– No damage to the tank
– The only effective theft protection

 Price: 3 995 SEK ( excluding VAT ) incl. shipping within Sweden.