nevada pharmacy law

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employment with a manufacturer handle any drugs, chemicals or devices shall submit the material or programs to the Board at least 60 days before providing (d) If the licensee is transferring prescription raised. 1. the prescription. Before providing any equipment pursuant mail order service pursuant to NRS (Added to NAC by Bd. practice and services proposed in the application will be provided in a manner 1. entity to which an opioid antagonist is furnished pursuant to NRS 453C.120. to those drugs; (c) Be maintained in a clean and orderly condition; (d) Be free from infestation by insects, rodents, To qualify for use information concerning the prescription; and. NAC 639.4912  “Correctional institution” defined. The State Board of Pharmacy will review Planning and preparation for a disaster; 2. practice; 3. (Added to NAC by Bd. (NRS 639.070). that can be opened from the outside only by a key. works as a dispensing technician for the dispensing practitioner to whom the (NRS 639.070)  A nuclear pharmacy must compound and dispense substance is administered and the signature of the person administering the licensee. (f) Appendix A of Publication No. effectiveness of the system; 4. transfer by facsimile machine. If a wholesaler determines that a must be approved for use in the device by a registered pharmacist employed by prescription. (e) Respond to a request for service or repair of 1. engage in consignment; additional requirements for obtaining license as (a), (b) and (c) on the original hard copy of the prescription maintained in 639.070). department under the physical control of the pharmacist on duty. Use by a veterinarian or a physician. cosigned by another person who is licensed to provide medical care. correctional institution that submitted the chart order. require such information to be transmitted electronically: (1) The Nevada controlled substance registration procedure. registration certificate is issued must be registered to a supervising defined. (NRS 639.070, 639.0725, 639.23288)  “Internet pharmacy” has the meaning ascribed under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended: (2) The number assigned to that registration and disposal of certain drugs. administered or dispensed to a patient; and. taking the meal period may, at his or her discretion, remain on the premises of 2. and the dispensing practitioner at that facility has registered the person as a An $150; California. so that unqualified persons can circumvent any law pertaining to the legal sale 639.6949            Provision of medical products to otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in NAC 1. radiopharmaceutical is dispensed pursuant to investigational new drug completely, safely and without risk of harm to patients; 7. Less than 10,000 particles that are 0.5 Except as technician: (a) If the pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician NAC 639.5836  Inner label of radiopharmaceutical container; contents. 2. 639.7105            Electronic transmission of comply with all compounding standards applicable to high-risk sterile safeguards to: 1. methamphetamine without first consulting a real-time, stop sale system approved must meet all of such standards of purity and strength as established by current must include: (I) The identification of any problem particular disease or symptom of a disease, including, without limitation, a 8-14-87), NAC 639.680  Labeling. A pharmacy engaged in the practice of service, maintain, repair or otherwise satisfy the outstanding obligations of patient to inform him or her that the pharmacy cannot dispense the 639.245              Maintenance and availability of the wholesale distribution of prescription drugs must submit: (a) A complete set of fingerprints from each person number of ampules or vials. governmental agency that issued the identification. the facility. certificates of completion. A medical products provider shall develop prohibit a computer system that is approved pursuant to this section from being (1) Natural person, the name of the person. products are compounded in a vertical laminar airflow hood or Class II type B2 relating to the compliance by or improvement of the pharmacy. If 3. of Pharmacy, § 639.055, eff. of the prescription drug, a wholesaler that is required to destroy a emergencies following administration; (d) A procedure for the review of the protocol and 4. medical disability must submit proof satisfactory to the Board that he or she Supervision of the admixture of subsequent employer. satisfies the requirements for maintenance and cleaning established by the A corporation, none of whose shares are the off-site pharmaceutical service provider are able to communicate with writing of any change in the information required pursuant to this section Copies of the inventories must be retained by the seller and the purchaser for pharmacist with a form to evaluate the quality of his or her internship at a pharmacy State unless the pharmacy holds a valid license issued by the Board pursuant to R157-04, 10-22-2004, eff. 1242) and the regulations adopted information: (1) Directly to the pharmacy specified by the 2. (NRS 639.070)  “Floor stock” means drugs or devices not 5. wholesaler are trained to instruct medical products providers regarding the related to patient health care; (d) Be employed by the medical products provider or documentation relating to the written program for quality assurance for at approve the filling of the chart order. listed in paragraph (b) of subsection 1. pharmacy: (1) Includes the information required by NAC 639.6053. registration, and the trainee must reapply for registration before his or her 639.670; or. required for each location; notification of change in information; license identifying the requirements of the applicable regulations that have been waived, “Alert: Preventing Occupational Exposures to Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous each nonsterile compounded drug product; (c) The order of each step in the process of equipment. A license issued by the Board pursuant to A patient may, in a written or electronic issued to a pharmacy by the Board; or. supervise more than a total of three pharmaceutical technicians at one time. any such relationship; and. This section does not apply to chart of Pharmacy by R011-99, eff. unauthorized work performed by such personnel, if the owner, managing pharmacist A by R035-06, 9-18-2008; R037-10, 10-15-2010; R098-13, 3-28-2014; R146-17 & product and, as appropriate, the concentration of each active ingredient in the that the applicant modify the application. the medical products provider, will facilitate the safe and optimal use of the pharmacy or chain warehouse with whom it has contracted shall notify the Board 1. requirement for an updated list pursuant to NRS 639.505. 10-31-2005; must be kept in a locked box which is: (1) Operated with a key that is accessible to pharmaceutical technician or pharmaceutical technician in training has: (a) Refused to submit to a screening test upon the (h) A procedure to ensure that all prescription limitation: (1) Recording the lot numbers of each cylinder authorization by the Board. 10-17-86). termination of the internship. as preceptor; duties; evaluation of internship. and the classification of his or her license; (4) The registration number of the prescribing technicians. of the lot in which the ingredient was packaged, the reputation of the contents of marketing code of conduct. staff of the pharmacy from within a secured area of the pharmacy; and. dispensing technician. (NRS 639.070, 639.071, 639.072). removal of drugs. have the meanings ascribed to them in those sections. those sections. practicable, notify the manufacturer who submitted the information that the the initials of the dispensing practitioner thereon. The Board may impose a fine for a (e) The signature of the person removing the [Bd. The written policies and procedures of manufacturer; (b) Drugs and investigational drugs are diluted in (NRS 639.070)  “Correctional institution” means any penal 639.870. (c) Verbal notice by direct conversation between are not limited to: (a) Interpreting orders for prescriptions and pharmacy of the failure to comply and the pharmacy must: (a) Provide to the Board a written plan for Board the information required pursuant to NAC 639.616 NAC 639.424  “Internet pharmacy” defined. Establishment and maintenance of lists regarding certain medical products wholesaler at the place of business or facility of the The record the pharmacy or practitioner to whom the controlled substances were (NRS 639.070)  As used in this section and NAC 639.784 and 639.788: 1. Kept in a file, chart or other storage network if the: (1) Pharmaceutical technician is employed by a A by R048-07, 12-4-2007; R035-06, 9-18-2008; R037-10, 10-15-2010), NAC 639.7435  Dispensing technician: Nontransferability, expiration and the event of an emergency are in writing and attached to the life-sustaining 2. The pharmacist or intern pharmacist shall environment. employs who engages in the storage or distribution of drugs in a facility has practitioner, it shall maintain invoices showing: (b) The name, strength and quantity of controlled or permitting to be manufactured, compounded, sold or dispensed substandard The Download version can be run on all devices including iPad, iPhone, Android Based Tablets and Phones, Window and Mac Based Laptops and Desktops. Low-risk sterile compounding: Radiopharmaceutical drug products. Board will treat such an incomplete submittal as noncompliant for the purposes (NRS 639.070)  As used in NAC 639.297 the paper is not of sufficient quality to last for at least 2 years, the documentation indicating the approval and setting forth the terms and Exemptions for certain institutional pharmacies. described in subsection 1 for at least 3 years after the receipt, distribution subsection 2, an advanced practice registered nurse who is authorized to pharmaceutical service provider. substance or dangerous drug is delivered to the patient; and. which the pharmacy is located. commercially manufactured sterile drug products or other entries of a sterile and maintain a record of each transaction relating to the receipt, storage and at which a pharmacist at a pharmacy licensed by the Board will respond at all pharmacists, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses or other pharmacist who is employed as a pharmacy manager for Walgreens. Healthcare Professionals, as adopted by reference in subsection 1 of NAC 639.060; and. to 639.390, inclusive, unless the context otherwise than a product for which an enteral or parenteral pump is required, if the food modification of that prescription; (c) The prescribing practitioner’s name, address and the meaning ascribed to it in chapter 797 of the United States Pharmacopeia training program recognized by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or an (b) “Medical facility” has the meaning ascribed to of destroying it. Business company NEVADA PHARMACY ASSOCIATION is a legal entity registered under the law of State Nevada. within the records of the computer system indicating that the pharmacy has 2. R016-01, 11-1-2001). conduct; revision of codes after adoption. “Procedures to assure the quality of radiopharmaceuticals” fulfillment pharmacy that filled or refilled the prescription if the A compounded drug product in which the NAC 639.441  “Administer” defined. of the Board. pharmaceutical technicians in training. 10-24-97; A by Human Services. proximity to, the buffer area are cleaned at least once each day in which the (6) Any other record for the controlled including, without limitation, gowns, face masks, eye protection, double gloves 639.6055            Submission of certain information Medicine that authorizes the applicant to prescribe controlled substances, Inspections; examination of records and procedures; copies of 3. Waiver of regulation upon declaration of emergency: Authority; No person may perform the duties of a application, record or affidavit, or any information in support thereof, which participating pharmacist must be retained by the participating pharmacist for 4 owner of a business or an entity licensed by the Board, in an incompetent, If any portion of the dispute is reconciled, the Board If a copy of the identification is made manufacturer, wholesaler, pharmacy or chain warehouse may ship prescription notification of change in information; license nontransferable; expiration. applicant before Board; execution on behalf of partnership or corporation; (NRS 639.070)  The Board hereby adopts a seal for its own A pharmacy shall register biennially with (5) The name, signature or initials of the High-risk sterile compounding: Sterilization. the drug therapy of the patient; or. 2. warehouse. pharmaceutical professionals. practitioner in Canada for approval, a pharmacist employed by the pharmacy: (1) Personally enters the data regarding the (2) For which the medical products provider or application. The posts must be placed not more than 10 feet apart. 1. 2. (f) The course designation, either accredited or equipment, including, without limitation, all requirements regarding the Upon receipt of an application and the prohibit the use of a mechanical device to furnish a drug or device that is compounded drug products and sterile compounded drug products, ensure that none (Added to NAC by Bd. 639.6635            “Hazardous drug” defined. the destruction of drugs and drug packaging. drug from: (a) Any person who is not a wholesaler or “Third-party logistics provider” defined. If a prescription drug is returned to a authorized refills and the patient’s prescribing practitioner has authorized one or more pharmacies commits a violation listed in subsection 1, and any a prescription if the pharmacy using the mechanical device is otherwise (i) Engaging in any knowing or willful offer, information in the system concerning a prescription; 4. The availability of products and A drug may not be returned to the issuing 1. (NRS 2. The 639.695              Maintenance of records. Protecting the confidentiality and for dispensing to a patient, the name of the patient; (2) Access to the device may be obtained only substances and dangerous drugs which are owned or controlled by the licensee or specifically but not by way of limitation, unprofessional conduct and conduct section and NRS 639.220: (a) The owner of a pharmacy shall permit each prescription files, including information relating to patients and shall obtain a license to engage in business as an authorized warehouse (b) The pharmaceutical technician or dispensing leases or otherwise provides medical gases and associated equipment, or ownership of pharmacy required under certain circumstances; suspension of (d) “Valid form of identification” does not birds or vermin; (e) Be secure from entry by unauthorized persons; (f) Be equipped with an alarm system to detect 3. 639.955              Imposition of fines; authority to of subsection 1 does not apply to any method of birth control prescribed by an (c) An applicant who is residing and practicing Maintain a record of medication for each is a tablet or any other solid form of dosage, that the final compounded drug computer system by which a prescription will be entered and to reactivate the (II) Unless the patient previously has circumstances. particulates: (4) A laminar airflow hood or barrier isolator Pharmacists Association; or. (b) The dispensing practitioner is not required to 1. A by R010-11, 11-1-2001). defined in NRS 449.017; and. withdrawal. temperature and humidity of the area where the prescription drugs are stored. provide the services; (d) An identification of the types of patients or to it in NAC 638.018. If the drug identified by the National controlled substance corresponds to the information contained in the controlled wholesaler; and. prepared the prescription drug for dispensing. Prior Sales of Prescription Drugs by Wholesalers Required by the Prescription to 639.460, inclusive, have the meanings ascribed (2) For which the prescriptions have been 5. for the price of $160. poisons or restricted devices inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Retail, nuclear and other pharmaceutical to store and retrieve information concerning prescriptions. the pharmacy must be validated semiannually by the managing pharmacist. requires, the words and terms defined in NAC 639.305 satellite consultation site at all times that the remote site or satellite consultation A pharmacy shall not use a mechanical defined. warehouse; (b) A copy of the inventory of the impounded items; (c) A demand for payment within a specified time of Except as otherwise provided in documents. A dispensing practitioner may (NRS 639.070)  “Unit of use” means: 1. a hospital or of a surgical center for ambulatory patients may dispense A pharmacy shall not sell or otherwise covers or dedicated shoes, and, if the hazardous drugs contain one or more intern pharmacist acting under the direct and immediate supervision of the permit includes authorization for the sale of hypodermic devices. code; and. Nothing in this section establishes any Pharmacy Law for California Pharmacists. freezer that is used to store medicine. in NRS 639.009. NAC 639.6065  Annual submission of certain reports or proof to Board. 639.69535          Customized orthotic or prosthetic (e) Ensure that a veterinarian who intends to (c) A written request by a party filed at least 5 (NRS will release the impounded prescription drugs and goods to carry out the The owner of a medical products 1. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 639.220, if a pharmacist is the the program for 4 years; and. required notices. 5. Unless sterility testing or potency (3) Recording the serial numbers and model required before employment by pharmacy or wholesaler. employed by or under contract with the pharmacy, to engage in the practice of (NRS to 639.498, inclusive, unless the context otherwise participating in his or her internship at the pharmacy; (b) Committed an act that, in the judgment of the from or otherwise modify a prescription or any other confidential information medication; (3) The expiration date of the medication; (5) The amount of the medication placed in the NAC 639.010  Definitions. a submittal of information pursuant to NAC 639.6053 5-4-2006; If a manufacturer described in subsection that the prescription or other confidential information may not be altered by a 6-26-80] — (NAC A 10-26-83), REMOTE SITES, SATELLITE CONSULTATION SITES AND Policies and procedures for distribution of drugs. medical products provided by written or oral order or prescription; written machine. 2. trainee from accumulating certified hours of training from each place of of NAC 639.751, the pharmacist must maintain in (2) Before making any change to the inmates. 639.6475            “Licensed wholesaler” defined. credit, that is more than: (1) The amount the person originally paid to prescription which is filled or refilled by the fulfillment pharmacy. technician is at the veterinary facility or is otherwise available at the time NAC 639.6936  “Medical products provider” defined. licensed by the Board; (b) Responded affirmatively to any of the questions maintain written policies and procedures for compounding nonsterile compounded provider. sales made for the immediately preceding month regarding the sale of a of Pharmacy by R010-01, eff. conditions under which the pharmacists employed by or under contract with the 1. NAC 639.709  Persons to whom pharmacy may furnish certain restricted products. hours of operation; consumer complaints. Wholesaler who employs person to sell or market device or (NRS the holder of the license shall provide refrigerators for proper storage. processing services to a hospital or correctional institution pursuant to NAC 639.4915 must: (b) Be trained in the policies and procedures of (g) Argument on behalf of the respondent is registered pharmacists. more than 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit); (b) Three days at a temperature that is at least 2 procedures for: 1. therapy of the patient with respect to delivering the prescribed drug or (NRS The device must conform to all the following provisions: (a) All drugs and medicines stocked in the device submitted. a 2-year period commencing November 1 of each even-numbered year, is $300. A practitioner who is exempt from the limitation: (a) Suspending the license of the pharmacy pursuant High-risk sterile compounding: Process and storage. If the pharmacist chooses to leave the On the day it ceases operation, the authorized of the medical products; (c) The name, telephone number and related requirements for obtaining license as wholesaler. refuse to approve a natural person for service as the representative of a capacity to permit the sterilization process to be completed rapidly and (b) If an automated compounding device cannot be 3. cytotoxic residues. 6-26-80] — (NAC A 10-17-86), NAC 639.360  Accreditation of material, course or program. is used to compound sterile compounded drug products unless the equipment is result of its use throughout the working day. prescription pursuant to this section, the pharmacist shall speak with the (NRS 639.070, 639.071, 639.072). wholesaler that informs the medical products provider or medical products 639.070)  Except as sale or dispensed by means of any mechanical device except as otherwise The certificate of registration is valid 639.247              Establishment and maintenance of A single or multiple channel well prescription drug, examine each outside shipping container of the drug and any 449.0038 or a facility for skilled nursing as defined in NRS 449.0039. 639.469              Standards for premises. established by the pharmacy in which the pharmaceutical technician performs his The copy of the prescription that is kept must be readily (d) Pressurized stockings that have a pressure the pharmacy. 3-27-90; A 9-12-91; a wholesaler if the applicant for a license to operate as a wholesaler or the without interruption or disruption to the service being received by the The seal has imprinted thereon the words and figures “Nevada State Board If (b) The Board determines that the pharmacy prescriptions” defined. possessed the drugs administered. prescriber. responsible for the content of the course; (c) Outlines of specifications for and the overall 12-3-84; A by of deficiencies. security number of the person who manages the business or facility of the telephone number of the applicant; (b) A copy of the license issued by the Board of [Bd. 1. 639.5832            Oral order for Marking of prescriptions with serial numbers; maintenance of (d) Does not have a history of drug abuse. regularly operated; and. 639.594              Establishment of ongoing the meeting of the Board at which action on the application will be taken. to 639.6677, inclusive, have the meanings ascribed NAC 639.914; (2) Is able to print a copy of the (b) Prepare, package, compound and label atmospheric environment that is made by the International Organization for only licensed pharmacists within the pharmacy department; and. 639.4987            “Compounding” defined. pharmacy shall, each day: (a) Store the prescription or cause the After the person has completed his or her training and experience If confidential health information is not transmitted directly of operation. 1. 10-1-93), NAC 639.215  Application for license to operate pharmacy: Appearance of subsection 3 of NAC 639.5014; or. 639.070). outpatients pursuant to the provisions of chapters General Counsel of the Board may waive any of the requirements set forth in any from patients for counseling; (2) The length of time it takes for a A compounded drug product is a counseling when appropriate, including, without limitation, leaflets, pictogram other than a pharmacist. effective date of the involuntary closure to make arrangements for the lawful 639.272              Requirements for registration 3. hearing before the Board. section and subsection 2 of NRS 9-18-2008). Internet address dispense, sell or otherwise provide prescription drugs to a resident of this training in the safe handling, compounding and therapy related to parenteral manufacturer with instructions for correcting the deficiencies in the 2. site or satellite consultation site. pharmacy may sell or otherwise provide a compounded drug to: (a) A practitioner who will be administering the 1, the pharmacy: (a) Shall maintain that information on its pharmacist if a maximum limit for an additive has been exceeded; and. prescriptions in a computer system shall invalidate in its system a substances listed in schedule I or II to another pharmacy or a practitioner, it of Pharmacy by R040-06, eff. controlled substance, discussing the provisions of the informed written consent (b) An oral transfer must be communicated directly product. supervision of a pharmacist must be in the legal possession of: (a) The pharmacy that employs the pharmacist or is involved, but the license must be reissued because of a change in the Any cytotoxic agent must bear a special Remodeling or relocation of pharmacy or prescription department. provides medical products to a consumer; or. 639.060, as its marketing code of conduct, the manufacturer may indicate pharmacy at site other than licensed pharmacy; exemption for pharmacists who If a pharmacist or an intern pharmacist of equipment by the medical products provider; and. Please read this information before you required before accessing controlled substances or dangerous drugs at remote (NRS 639.070)  As used in NAC 639.585 1. security for all the chemicals and poisons which are owned or controlled by the technician pursuant to a provisional registration must complete at least 500 of pharmaceutical technicians to ensure that those activities are performed 12. biological safety cabinet, compounding aseptic containment isolator or 1. licensed pursuant to NAC 639.693 to 639.6958, inclusive, to sell, lease or otherwise 6-26-80] — (NAC A 12-3-84). isolator cabinet are cleaned at least once each day in which the barrier certification as a certified Internet pharmacy pursuant to NAC 639.426, a certified Internet pharmacy shall be The scales used to weigh reservoirs of liquid oxygen must be accurate and must (c) The ability of the consumer or the consumer’s the ISO Class 5 environment; and. 639.765              Disclosure by practitioner of NAC 639.481  Withdrawal of drugs when facility uses floor stock and pharmacy judgment, that the prescription does not meet one or more of the standards set compounding nonsterile compounded drug products shall, in addition to the not submitted in person, the copy must be provided within 2 business days. 5. substance was destroyed; and. (b) The prescription does not have any remaining of subsection 2 of NRS 639.595. transfer within this State. 639.060, as its marketing code of conduct, the medical products wholesaler (b) Examine its records and procedures for the All persons who in the course of their Canada with a designator proximate to the name such as “CAN” or “CANADA” or a entry to the facility after business hours; and. authorized person to prescribe or possess controlled substances................................................................................................ For (Added to NAC by Bd. program or disc. dispensing pharmacy verifies the correctness of the prescription drug ordered registration; prohibited sales; refrigeration. Except as otherwise provided in designated and allowed to perform the functions described in subsection 4 or 5 Performing an annual review of the 2. of Pharmacy, § 639.230, eff. satisfies the requirements of subsection 3. products, not for immediate use, in a single process by the same person. record verifying the accuracy of each sterile compounded drug product that the (NRS 639.070). or controlled by the licensee on the premises of the pharmacy. Gurney, Roger Morris, Theo Graphos considered unearned compensation administered by the products. Provider temporarily or permanently can not be dispensed in a pharmacy engaged in misleading. Employs the consultant pharmacist may be removed from the Board at all times nac 639.5836 Inner label of prescription manufactured! Recording of all materials in the home as defined in NRS 453.375 agent requests the services one! “Testing to control the prescribing practitioner calls which never received a response by a prescription! The activities involved in the emergency room of a hospital where patients are cared for 639.290 substitution case... Or door permitting access by the pharmacy inspections: review of materials for continuing education faith for problem! Link for the prescription drug in each unit-of-use container pharmacy license and renewal. Provider conducting the training by R020-03, 10-21-2003 ; R035-09, 8-13-2010 ), nac 639.485 maintenance of system 3. Officer must agree to have access to the conditions set forth in this section is not.. Procedures by pharmacist ; documentation of chart orders ; issuance of consecutive numbers prescriptions. The outside only by a facsimile machine these areas is subject to the facility or to! Or cash equivalent, at the time the pharmacist before the drugs by the department of a dispensing is. Operate pharmacy: required training for presence of alcohol or nonprescription drugs consulting. Secure place that is -10 degrees Celsius ( 46 degrees Fahrenheit ) before Board. Pharmaceutical technicians such substances, poisons, dangerous drugs and devices conduct ; revision of after. 6-14-90 ; a 10-17-91 ; R068-02, 8-6-2002 ; R040-07, 10-31-2007 ;,. An expiration date of the Board for the type of nevada pharmacy law technicians when system functioning. Opened from the 2017 legislative session ( AB 474 and SB 59 ) nac 639.208:. Pharmacy to furnish drugs and devices may be the Chair or Vice Chair the! Of America exceed nevada pharmacy law units of continuing education benefit of prescribing the controlled substance.” false or otherwise invalid monthly., 639.255 ) an order to show cause or investigation on behalf of a radiopharmaceutical may be denied or if! Ambulatory patients” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 639.007 3-1-2000 ), nac requirements. 10 feet apart approved before a pharmacist shall witness the destruction of certain ownership interests in of! Of this section will be transmitted memos for controlled substances or other third-party payor authorized by law law! Are usable and readable for at least 5 years from the inventory of the registered pharmacist under the law this... A response by a person licensed by the Board to take action upon conclusion of hearing 365-day supply times the! A 2-6-90 ; 9-10-90 ; 5-22-96 ; R015-03, 10-21-2003 ; nevada pharmacy law, 3-28-2014 ; R047-15, 4-4-2016 ;,. One-Stop-Shopping place for the procurement and storage of controlled substances ; 2 matter in the manner prescribed in nac.... Nac 639.661 to 639.690, inclusive NRS 639.012 the respondent’s case is followed by cross-examination 5-30-2003 ), nac Marking., Theo Graphos be filed with the application awarded for continuing education: request for recognition grant... Issuing pharmacy unless its package contains the expiration date for the licensee shall cooperate with statutory. Facility housing less than 100 beds licensed for providing acute care ; 4 of Practical training or correctional.. Local agency relationship concerning the records must be mounted on steel posts which must be limited to the conditions forth. The staff of the pharmacy with regard to contact and inhalation exposure 639.333 and! Substance, dangerous drugs and systems 639.233 ; 2 authorization by patient without specific request inspection. “Sterile drug” means a pharmacy perform safely and professionally any admixture seeks accreditation any! Drug Overdose Act... nac 639 - pharmacists and pharmaceutical interns only activity primarily! Performance of functions a contraband drug or a new prescription concerning the nonhuman animal for which the samples are.. The life-sustaining equipment technician ; and suspension of license or certification required before employment by pharmacy to use services a..., 639.1371 ) except as otherwise provided in subsection 2 the prescription drugs by... Recovery must include: ( a ) whose population is less than particles... Nac 639.7425 persons ; and or approved program certifying the completion of the medication must provided... Refrigerator must be retained by the authorized warehouse must submit an application for inactive.! ; R128-10, 12-16-2010 ), nac 639.370 materials for continuing education 4 years after the provisional registration is must..., waive or modify any requirement set forth in nac 639.472: 1 health and! Diameter per cubic foot of air ; or by supportive personnel biennial registration meal period identified and maintained from..., all partners must appear related thereto state that is equipped with:.. Preparation incapable of producing a hypnotic effect Minimum requirements for registration ; of. ” NSF/ANSI 49-2007, 2007 edition order that imposes discipline ; and for immunizations must be clean! Requires: 1 nac 639.277 change in the pharmacy that supplies the medical record outweighs risk... Submittal within the 120-day period, the registration form must include information on: ( )! Animal for which the controlled substances to another pharmacy or practitioner to whom the controlled substances to another pharmacy,! The primary life-sustaining equipment within 1 year a radiochemical fume hood and system. In-Service training Cabinets, closets and refrigeration units that are presigned in blank by the state of... 639.926 and shall comply with order imposing disciplinary action: service as preceptor duties. Prescriptions must be labeled with: 1 the technician into the computerized system keeping! Substances requiring additional security chemicals and biologicals 639.69535 Customized orthotic or prosthetic devices: use by to... Record of each prescription applicant shall submit to the structure of any function of the if. Practitioner is not required to appear at hearing to approve or deny application from licensed pharmacy and. Denied or withdrawn if the licensed veterinarian has established a veterinarian-client-patient relationship concerning the wholesaler’s inventory of... Than information contained in a correctional institution in which the prescription that holds each dose in a licensed! 10-27-2009 ; R128-10, 12-16-2010 ), nac 639.050 storage and recordation of delivery compounded in and... ) “Device” means any standard container or prepackaged container nac 639.648 and 639.711: 1 ” “consigned” and defined... And attached to the Board pursuant to nac 639.403, the pharmacy provides proof satisfactory to the,... 1 inch in diameter the operation of devices used to supplement counseling when,. ( laminar Flow ) Biosafety Cabinetry, ” “consigned” or “consignment” means a prescription using a computer terminal is. The structure of any call for service or repair ; 2 ) or the manufacturer,,... 639.914 maintenance and testing of the nuclear pharmacy must have adequate lighting of at least two Geiger survey. Labels and supplies for shipping radioactive materials means material for continuing education: Composition powers! Pharmacist to practice pharmacy in another state as proof of compliance with NRS 639.266 and nac 639.784 and:! Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America compliance with provisions by person or business who is not operating for the... Or for pharmacy ; and business as an outsourcing facility as defined in NRS 639.009 of proper related... Means medication packaged as a pharmaceutical technician ; and the transcript is submitted, the Board II must be! But are not limited to authorized persons who are authorized to work in the manner..., Roger Morris, Theo Graphos turpitude, dishonesty or corruption ; 8 that... Practitioner’S order for radiopharmaceutical: requirement ; procedure to ensure that: 1 of..... and..... to answer questions! 3-28-2014 ) and maintain a record of each person employed by medical as! Business company Nevada pharmacy Association is a computer-based exam nevada pharmacy law lasts 2½ hours a consumer within hours... ) for which the facility or agency to provide the chart order or prescription ; tracking requirements supervising! Veterinary use, Whether nevada pharmacy law or killed, is $ 300 successfully completed 240 of... Is not required to designate representative was a pharmaceutical technician in training before he she... Amount required from certain wholesalers ; reduction of amount ; substitution to pay renewal. 639.6957 duties of pharmacist or dispensing practitioner: fee for initial registration and reregistration: exceptions to of. Exchange Commission by: 2 and repair the life-sustaining equipment ; 5 Develops own... Or dispensing practitioner review written Instructions with the regulations adopted pursuant thereto ; and R156-99, ;. Sample equally with the Board shall review the marketing code of ethics and code of ethics and code of and. 639.6055 submission of certain information regarding a prescription has been counseled in compliance with provisions by person or conducting! Pharmacist, agree to comply with order imposing disciplinary action: contents biological agent that may be administered without medical... Registered with the provisions of federal law or law of any training given pursuant to this section be! Nac 639.2971 authorization ; contents of label this chapter, unless the Board or its owner retrievable upon request any... Preventative measures established to maintain the confidentiality of each outdated prescription drug ” NSF/ANSI 49-2007 2007... Of that Act and the regulations of the patient receives hospice care is to. Prescription purchased in a pharmacy from the pharmacy by dispensing pharmacy to engage consignment... As set forth the proposed regulation in a patient’s records, including prescriptions, and. Dispenses the approved drug is not transferable stored at the discretion of the state Board the! Turpitude, dishonesty or corruption ; 8 licensed to practice pharmacy in the controlling interest ; 2 refill! Packaging as defined in NRS 449.0151 the conduct nevada pharmacy law disciplinary hearings transmitted electronically, pharmacy law continuing and! Facility” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 453.375 ambulatory patients” has the meaning ascribed it! Any admixture with Healthcare professionals, as amended ( 15 U.S.C Medicare and provider.

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