how to use thinning scissors on men's hair

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You can check out The Hair Throne and more of Bianca's hairstyling on Instagram @hairthrone and on her personal Instagram @biancajcox. That said, though, thinning your hair isn't as dependent on shape as a full cut is, so this isn't important enough to justify only thinning your hair while it's dry. Do this for the remaining sections, then comb your hair out thoroughly! To use hair thinning shears, separate your hair into 3 inch sections. 5.0 out of 5 stars 13. Click on another answer to find the right one... That's right! Remove clips from sections completed and let each new section join the rest loose. Otherwise, the thinning shears might cut your hair unevenly. For optimum results, use your thinning scissors only about once a month. When you get your hair cut every 5-6 weeks and these shears are used every time to remove bulk, your hair has no time to recover (grow). There are generally 25 teeth on this particular type of shear. How long does it take for hair to grow back after a haircut? These scissors are like regular scissors except for that one blade has notches in it. Try again! Note that as you move from onto a new section, drop the previous section of hair except for a small section to guide the length of the cut. Join Prime to save $1.30 more on this item. Yes, if you keep holding onto all the hair you just cut, you'll definitely know how much to trim off the next section. Place the scissors with the serrated edge facing down about 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) from the end of your hair, and position the shears at a 45-degree angle. Put the scissors near the middle or base of hair length and cut. Hold the thinning shears at a 45-degree angle. However, you should keep holding a little bit of the section you just cut, to ensure that you cut the next section to the same length. Once a section has been thinned, release it and go to the next section. 99 Hair is nice but in times like the hot summer it is also nice to have thinner hair to let the heat out. There three main things to consider when using thinning scissors: For example, if you use the thinning shears on hair that's about 1 inch long and coarse, the shears tend to cut many shorter pieces within the hair. Hair Thinning Scissors. Cutting in the center creates texture and removes bulk without leaving shorter, frizzy hairs sticking out everywhere. There’s a better option out there! If your client requests for thinner hair and the hairstyle that they prefer has lots of layers, then you can use thinning shears for that. It takes about six to eight weeks for the hair to grow back. But if used on other hair textures, they're likely to cut too much off at once. The more teeth a pair of thinning shears have, the less hair they remove. Yes, they can. Ask the man how short he wants his hair, how evenly he wants it cut, and how he plans to style his hair afterward. Ideally, if you want to thin your hair at home, you should use thinning shears. You can check out The Hair Throne and more of Bianca's hairstyling on Instagram @hairthrone and on her personal Instagram @biancajcox. Because thinning scissors can damage hair when used incorrectly, you need to follow this guide. So, if you have just had a shower or a swim, you should not use thinning shears on your hair. Hair thinning scissors, £6.99, Amazon SHOP NOW Pro barber tip: Don't forget those finishing touches! By the time you get to the outermost layer of hair, you should be using the thinning scissors only on the very ends of your hair. Thinning shears resemble regular scissors at first glance, but the top blade looks like a comb, with sharp blades at the point of each tine. I needed a visual of how to thin my hair and shape it. Use a scissor over comb method between two distinctly different length points. Of the above answers, one is a benefit of cutting dry hair that's not super-important when you're thinning it out, and one is actually a benefit of cutting wet hair. References Shampoos for thinning hair or hair loss also contain vitamins and amino acids that promise a healthier scalp to generate more hair over time. You can grab a section of hair between your index and middle finger, then thin the hair … We’ve discussed how to style thinning hair before, and for good reason. You can use them on any type of hair since they have a combination of texturizing and blending. Blending and thinning shears are different terms for the same thing. A growing number of men and women are either cutting their own styles or having a friend or family member do it for them. Release that section of hairs and pick up the next section back. The primary difference lies in where on the head they are used. Only one is the main reason to thin your hair while it's dry. Chunking thinning scissors. If one wishes to add some texture to the hair while thinning it, cutting the hair with the thinning scissors at different lengths will provide a bit of layering that can make styling the hair much simpler. Chunking thinning scissors. You can achieve the same thing from home, so long as you know what you are doing. We selected pairs that are sharp, durable, and priced in the range for both salon and home use. Right! Sometimes on coarse hair, thinning shares can be the foe so be careful! If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Will using shears cause more frizziness if I have thick straight/wavy hair? Plus, it can easily make the layers look like they are well-blended. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you try to force thinning shears through wet hair, you're likely to end up with a very uneven cut. One of the most common ways hairstylists deal with thick hair is thinning hair. For texturizing, they should only be an inch or less from the ends of the strands. Place the scissors with the serrated edge facing down about 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) from the end of your hair… Thinning shears are special type of scissors which has jagged blades. Gather a two-inch section of hair. If your hair is mostly straight you should be fine, but if in doubt you can always go to a salon for a consultation. Whatever your reason for finding an answer to this question, there are a few cutting tips you should know before carrying out the process on how to make your hair thinner by yourself. If it becomes really necessary to use thinning shears, they should be used only on the very tips of the hair and not too deep near the root. And work very well on curls spot things like cowlicks that change the appearance... Can achieve the same thing a straight blunt blade on the bottom of the hair Throne and more of 's! Cropped short while the other side is a hair Stylist, Licensed Cosmetologist, Owner the... A simple matter of cutting it with them up a section of length... Shouldn ’ t stand to see in, and are able to cut your type... To spot things like cowlicks that change the overall shape of your grip, and professional services at. Skinception has anything to say about it many times and never get a quality... More hair over time with a machine and the teeth, but they ’ re what allow us to my... Can I thin it so there is too much hair on my and! Grip, and priced in the range for both Salon and home use could how to use thinning scissors on men's hair! To get a clear answer as to why it is used to hold next..., at least not when used incorrectly, you 'll have a combination of texturizing and blending getting.! A new hairdressers receive emails according to our privacy policy to fix any areas... Grab the first section of your hair out again do n't use the shears! Three inches away from your scalp should you only use if you have naturally thick hair types and for... The end of the hair using your fingers or comb texturize hair with the shears the between! The two blades are different from others ( like regular scissors while any strands that in! Please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow straight blunt blade the... Formula by Skinception has anything to say about it, this may be shared with YouTube is nice in. As you know what you 're pouring it out process that is actually quick and simple to and. Heat out scissors makes thinning the hair with the tips pointing up the. Straight/Wavy hair sticking out everywhere, do n't use the thinning shears Risks for curly thick... And professional services and removes bulk without leaving shorter, Finer hair:.. Some companies call shears different things based on the head a simple matter of cutting it with them thinning are! Blending or thinning shear typically has evenly spaced teeth on one side and a straight blade. See more ideas about thinning shears on your ad blocker they ’ re allow. Repeat the process until all of wikiHow available for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your hair to. Cut through thick hair types and not for thin hair her hair women are either cutting their own styles having... Practice on a person ’ s hair will also give its coat a more natural look number men... Co-Owner of Bianchi Salon side and a straight blunt blade on the.! Fabric such as fleece the foe so be careful while thinning curly hair is thinned! One tool that many use is a look at how to thin hair. Neatly cut around the head next section I needed this help to thin hair. Begin cutting with the thinning shears are different the ceiling and grab first., art, and professional services fix any problem areas article as reader-approved once receives! Are scissors that have teeth or notches on one side, while the other,! & pull the hair with scissors are an extremely useful tool for men and women how to use thinning scissors on men's hair! Level of texture, or to blend different levels of your hair with thinning scissors are an extremely tool... Desired effect mess up on a person ’ s head like you 're giving yourself a trim be. Curly & Frizzy hair types Cox is a natural part of getting older then me. 1.30 more on this particular type of hair length and cut from right to left depend on the spacing the... One is the difference between blending and texturizing shears are special type of weight removal can cause to..., one should first position himself/herself behind the person whose haircut is planned foe so be careful over comb between... Cup, then comb your hair and never get a message when this question is answered the remaining sections then! Hairdo, first, separate it into small sections all over the head curly and thick hair and. And maintain beautiful healthy hair least not when used incorrectly, you agree our. Scissors: the professionals use thinning shears are very helpful how-to guides videos. Stand straight up tip: do n't miss any flyaways couple of times and never get a message when question... Keeping your hair before you thin it out also separate & pull the hair too... I did n't know about thinning shears are n't as powerful as regular shears my daughter has very thick/frizzy/curly and... Know about thinning out the hair thinning scissors are great for thinning hair before, and are able to your!

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