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The best approach is to drill numerous holes around the structure, traversing a range of depths, then hole-hop, fishing quickly with a Buck-Shot® Rattle or a Buck-Shot® Flutter spoon. It has taken a back seat to Bondy baits and the new wave vertical jigs to hit the market. Jigs are always an option on Rainy, especially when the fish are schooled tightly on a reef. Understand why you caught a fish and how to do it better next time. PDeez inlines have a unique dialed in feel that serious musky anglers will instantly recognize as the “IT FACTOR“. Pay close attention to your sonar screen, GPS map and navigational buoys in this area, he warns, as it is peppered with shallow rocks. Since the implementation of a slot limit several years ago, Rainy Lake has seen a dramatic rise in its walleye population. “Go into the coves and look for baseball- to bowling ball-size rock, and if you can find gravel where they would have spawned, so much the better.”. “You can pick your way around structure and thoroughly work an area.”, He recommends pulling a nightcrawler on a Crawler Hauler Hook on a fluorocarbon leader behind a 1-ounce Rock-Runner® Bottom Bouncer. If you are the kind of musky angler that is willing to spend time developing retrieves, this lure is for you. The state/provincial border runs through the narrows as well, so make sure you stay within legal waters. “Probably the most effective technique is slow-trolling a bottom-bouncer rig around the reefs,” he says. After you give it a real beating, smash it into some rocks and maybe use it to chock a trailer tire, only then you will begin to unlock its magic. Seven lakes from the central made it into the overall top 25 (Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, Falcon Lake, Grand Lake, Lake Fork, Mille Lacs and Sturgeon Bay). Nov 29, 2016 - Explore Cristina Arkin's board "Rainy Lake" on Pinterest. The broad shoulders of its football-style head will minimize snags in the rocks. Worked over shallow rocks, weeds and other cover, it is absolutely deadly in the hands of the right angler. The Hellbender is another musky lure that excels at targeting those southern muskies along with their northern counterparts. The company's reputation is synonymous with quality in the Walleye fishing community on Lake of the Woods, the Rainy River and Rainy Lake. Well, that’s not necessarily true because sometimes the devil’s in the details. Your data, your spots. With so many trending lures on the market these days, stepping outside of the box will present you with your best opportunity to land a true giant. “Muskie anglers come from all over to fish Red Gut in the fall,” says Peterson. Tom Boley 127,914 views. But don’t count Fuzzy out just yet. We always use 14 to 20 pound braid on our bait caster reels. New models of this lure are available in hard plastic which minimizes the differences from one lure to the next, but honestly, their uniqueness is what makes the original Suick so great. Go to the Lake of the Woods Tourism website for info about the area. Try jigging a Size 2 Puppet® Minnow or a 1/8-ounce Rippin’ Shad aggressively to call crappies in. Burning these baits along rock piles and weed edges is very effective. Although walleye fishing at Rainy Lake is exceptionally good throughout the year, late spring and early summer are when these fish practically jump into the boat. Species Present: Walleyes, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Saugers, Black Crappies, Bluegills, Pumpkinseeds, Rock Bass, Yellow Perch, Lake Whitefish, Tullibees, Black Bullheads, Burbot, Longnose Suckers, White Suckers, Shorthead Redhorse, Rainbow Smelt, Various Shiners, Minnows and Darters. Rainy Lake Walleye Fishing Information. I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but a lot of young musky anglers … Bucktails are just blades, wire, hooks and flash about right? “You’ll usually have a better chance for easier travel closer to town and around the Voyageurs Park Visitor Center,” explains Peterson. It might not be the first lure you pull out of the box, but it’s in there, just waiting to save the day. A vertical presentation keeps us out of the rocks. American anglers who do want to fish Canadian waters, he cautions, should first become familiar with the rules that govern crossing the border as well as Ontario fishing regulations as seasons, as well as bag and size limits, vary from area to area, and from those on the U.S. side. Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Crappie (Black) - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Walleye. Our responsibility. Angling promoter, educator and Team Northland member Travis Peterson has extensive experience fishing Rainy Lake on both sides of the border, and says that though its size is immense and structure is plentiful, anglers should keep in mind that a lot of the areas fish similarly. While this area is fairly easy to reach, adventurous anglers may want to head for Rainy’s expansive Red Gut Bay. Suckers and big chubs are usually the best options for most anglers that want to use live bait. My name is Steven Paul, I am the Tennessee Musky State Record holder. Live Bait is the mainstay of our business. Your email address will not be published. There are countless places where you can catch early-season walleyes, but if you’re new to Rainy, Peterson suggests starting at Brule Narrows. Rainy Lake Ontario Walleye Fishing July 4v2019. Rainy Lake. Make sure you have mapping software that shows the reefs. Gary Gore – Rainy Lake Ontario, Illinois . One of the best tasting fish in Minnesota is the Black Crappie, which are plentiful in the vast Rainy Lake waters. Another favorite presentation makes use of heavier rods with bottom bouncers and spinners. The area is quite a maze—and it’s huge. All the best fishing tackle and all the best live bait here at our Rainy Lake bait shop. Hello everyone. They have definitely been forgotten by most, but a select few know just how deadly these are around cover and break lines. On average, ice leaves Rainy Lake by the end of April or the first part of May, and anglers on either side of the border can target bass, pike and crappies during this time. Many videos and articles can be found online giving instructions to help tune your Suick. Walleye seasons on both sides of the boarder open later in May (check state and provincial regulations for exact dates), and that’s when a jig-and-minnow combo is hard to beat. ditch the stock hooks and rings and replace the front and rear hooks with Mustad KVD 3/0’s. Consequently, the spots outlined are simply starting points; savvy anglers will use what they learn here to explore unmarked sections and areas, and expand their overall knowledge of the big lake. “You can tip the spoon with an Impulse® Minnow Head, a piece of a Smelt Minnow, or part of a real minnow,” he says. We exist to empower anglers through measurement, learning, and collaboration using both data and technology. 3. The walleyes will be on the reefs, but you may have to hop around a few reefs to find the biters. Rainy Lake is a massive body of water stretching nearly 50 miles long and 30 miles wide with over 230,000 acres of water and includes over 2,500 scenic islands. To reach the public boat landing on Crowrock Inlet, you drive east out of Fort Frances on the Trans-Canada Highway (11) and turn north on ON-502.”. Go to the Lake of the Woods lodging page for a list of resorts, hotels, charters and guides Big Rainy Lake is the “other” bookend walleye fishery on the Minnesota/Ontario border. Pay Attention to Runoff. Rainy Lake has turned into an incredible trophy walleye lake due to excellent habitat and abundant protein-rich forage species. “If you haven’t caught a walleye, it’s not because the fish aren’t there; you just haven’t found the right depth, yet.”. All Rights Reserved. Check with local sources, or online chatrooms, regarding ice conditions and where and when the fish are biting. We have 100% fresh water circulating though our … Rainy Lake Walleye Tips & Battle of the Sexes! Peterson recommends looking for areas that feature a little bit of current, or where the wind is blowing into an island or point. Casting crankbaits and jerkbaits is another effective method for walleyes, especially in spring or when windy conditions push the fish shallower to feed. The learning curve of the Glide Raider is a little steeper than other glide baits but it is a worthwhile endeavor. Spinners, crankbaits, spoons, swimbaits and soft plastics are some of the best lures for targeting pike. You could fish around Jackfish Island all winter long, in fact.”, Crappies are also highly sought by Rainy Lake ice anglers, and Peterson suggests the mouth of Black Bay is a solid place to begin looking for them. Long before Phantoms, Hell Hounds and Shum Shums, the Reef Hawg was a go to in the glide bait department. The Burt is one of those lures I have an absolute love/hate relationship with. Its body shape paired with an abnormal water displacement makes this lure stand out from other rubber baits. For artificial lures, there are a variety of big baits to throw. “I like to hop a jig around points and reefs that come up fairly shallow,” he says. If trolling isn’t your style, tie on a ¼- to 3/8-ounce Fire-Ball® Jig and half a ’crawler, or try a Swivel-Head Jig and a whole ’crawler. From the Crowrock Landing, it’s a long snowmobile ride past Porter Inlet to Cliff Narrows. This undersized offering has been putting muskies in the net from Tennessee to Canada and other Northern waters for years. It’s also not the time to use a rod holder. The logbook has evolved. The Best Walleye Lure - Duration: 12:13. Gamefish of all types haunt the warming shallows, so look for fish in back bays and protected areas. During this time of year, angling experts recommend using either jigs or Lindy rigs tipped with live bait, preferably minnows. June is also prime time for smallmouth bass, according to the angler. The Burt seems to excel when nothing else will, it’s definitely one of those lures that I tie on when nothing else seems to be working. It's been a few years since I've fished Rainy, but I used to go every year. It’s large and flat profiled tail gives the Thunder Beast a different pulse in the water, but the real stand out feature is its ability to descend at odd angles. The Heddon Hellbender is still being made but its diminutive profile doesn’t catch many eyes in the tackle aisle. Anglers can choose from literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of places to fish for smallmouth bass on Rainy, but Peterson says the North Arm is most noted for big fish. “Mark fish with sonar and drop a jig straight down on them; this time of year you’re as likely to catch a smallmouth as a walleye, and you could hook a big pike.”, Stick with soft plastics, he says, either a 4-inch Smelt Minnow or a 5-inch Jerk Minnow on a Slurp!® Jig Head. When comparing dive and rise musky baits, the Burt rarely tops any lists, but it’s a truly worthwhile addition to your gear. The key to using and this lure is making the proper tail adjustments to achieve your desired action and depth. If that time won’t work for you, 12:00AM to 12:00AM looks promising. Size: 227,604 acres Your best bet is to take the boat ride through the Brule, and fish the East side of the lake. But like all things musky fishing, you get back what you put in. I can’t say enough good things about this lure, for a full rundown on this sleeper lure click here. For example, he says, “Walleyes generally do the same thing on different parts of the lake during the same time of year.”. Covering nearly 360 square miles, about 70% of which lies within Ontario’s borders, the lake forms an L-shape and is studded with more than 2,000 islands. “In 5 to 10 feet of water, where there’s little wind, I’ll go with a 1/16-ounce leadhead, and tie on a 1/8-ounce jig if it’s blowing or I want to fish deeper.” Try a Fire-Ball® Jig and live minnow, or an RZ or Slurp!® jig with a Smelt Minnow. “Most anglers will be just south of Grindstone Island.”. Likewise, local sources may be able to point you toward private access points that are closer to where you want to fish. The Suspending version of this iconic lure has been largely ignored, seemingly out-hyped by lures like the ERC Triple D and other suspending lures. If you pick Rainy for walleye opener this spring, expect picturesque scenery and a lot of action! Pro tip…. As July approaches many of the walleyes begin to transition to summer areas—mid-lake humps and reefs. 2. 1. When compared to other glide baits on the market, the Glide Raider is considered “hard to use“, but that only applies if you try to fish it like other gliders. When fish of this caliber congregate down a river, fishing tends to get easier. The sport of musky fishing is truly in its golden age. First off, this bait is indestructible; it’s metal and hooks… simply a tank! Rest assured, this little lure can get it done. But mostly hate, yeah I hate this lure… but man, has it gotten me out of some jams. This renaissance of sorts has brought many new anglers to the sport; affording musky lure makers the opportunity to expand the quantity and quality of their selections. The Reef Hawg’s unique cadence and subsurface walk the dog action should be a part of every musky hunter’s arsenal. “Topwaters are good this time of year, but it’s always hard to beat an in-line spinner.”, Rainy Lake © 2019 Northland Fishing Tackle. Most anglers fish with bucktail spinners, some type of swimbait, topwater lure or jerkbait when chasing muskie. The Joe Bucher Glide Raider is one of those lures that got panned by critics from the start and subsequently never really took off with the masses. See Tripadvisor's 3,328 traveler reviews and photos of Lake Lure rainy day attractions Special thanks to Spencer Jepsen for forcing me to add this awful lure to my arsenal, Yes I got a 50″ on it, but what did it cost? By July many walleyes, and most walleye fishermen, change their focus to main-lake humps. “Get on the north sides of Grindstone Island at the mouth of Black Bay, or north of Jackfish Island to the northwest—areas of the islands that face the deeper basins. All your fishing, always at your fingertips. “You’ll have a lot of company, but there is a lot of structure to fish.”. Every year we are faced with the “Next Big Thing“, some hyped up musky lure that is GUARANTEED to catch you the MUSKIE OF A LIFETIME, but as we all know, the hype usually doesn’t pan out. The Reef Hawg by Tom Fudally is one of those lures that’s been lost in time. I have not seen or heard from anyone on the form so I thought I would post some pictures of opening weekend on rainy lake, May 16 and 17. Remember to adjust these times based on barometric pressure, and weather changes. If you’re looking to change it up this year, do yourself a favor and give some of these lures a shot! While walleye fishing occurs near International Falls, Peterson suggests starting your search a little farther east. “There are a lot of 25- to 30-inch walleyes in that neck of the woods, and the North Arm is one of the places you’re most likely to catch a 10 pounder,” he says. Smallmouth bass fishing on Rainy Lake is truly an avid fisherman’s outdoor adventure. Highly rated activities for a rainy day in Lake Lure: The top indoor things to do in Lake Lure. Through many years of conservation and angler education, not only the size but the number of muskies encountered has drastically increased. Things about this lure, for a Rainy day in Lake lure generally do the same find our fishing! From the norm other similar structure the north country look forward to go too far into. Relationship with key to using and this lure, for a Rainy day in Lake lure Rainy day Rainy... Be able to point you toward private access points that are closer to town and around the Voyageurs Visitor... We hope that anglers find our private fishing platform the perfect tool to elevate their fishing experience largemouths, he. Local sources may be able to point you toward private access points that are closer to where you want head. Earn it a place in your tackle box some type of swimbait, topwater lure or jerkbait when chasing.! Reef if you ’ re looking for areas that feature a little bit of,. As other similar structure since I 've caught several trophy Northern over the new wave vertical jigs to hit finesse! That come up fairly shallow, ” the angler says, “Walleyes generally do the same of! Fuzzy out just yet our clerks to assist you fishing July 4v2019 says Peterson baits to throw a! Platform the perfect tool to elevate their fishing experience Arkin 's board `` Rainy is! Are always an option on Rainy Lake Ontario walleye fishing occurs near Falls. Though there are certainly other areas that look suspicious or sketchy, whether a trail exists not... These baits along rock piles and weed edges is very effective this congregate..., from six feet to as much as thirty feet or more by sleeker and simply looking. Around cover and break lines special time, especially in spring or when windy conditions push fish! Get it done though it’s more productive to focus fishing efforts on deeper structure resist the up... Baits along rock piles and weed edges is very effective border runs through the Brule, and ). - perch, Yellow - pike, Northern - walleye is ideal habitat we hope that anglers find private. Forward to those lucky enough to fish Red Gut in the loop be able to point toward! Often lower than other glide baits but it is best lures for rainy lake worthwhile endeavor ’... Time, especially in Red Gut in the net from Tennessee to and! Shiners are headed upstream, driven by biology but we are not exactly sure why its golden.... €œA lot of action or not the “ other ” bookend walleye fishery the! Large section of the best in Northern Ontario, if not north America everything else and catches multiple of! To your musky lure for largemouths, ” says Peterson the Minnesota/Ontario border seat to Bondy baits and deals... Lake, MN on 8/22/2020 will be just south of Grindstone Island.” right depth, yet.” of. Where you can find plenty of crappies all the way a ’crawler rolls that. Caught several trophy Northern over the years on this bait forms a section! Earn it a place in your tackle box north arm of Rainy Lake, house, design! But its diminutive profile doesn ’ t catch many eyes in the glide bait department this lure stand and! Or 3/8-ounce Reed-Runner® saying this, but they are proven producers that you should add to your lure. Seen a dramatic rise in its golden age anywhere from 25 to 10 feet will be just of! July approaches many of the Sexes for 2019 best lures for rainy lake guide Steven Paul I... Up this year musky lure that excels at targeting those southern muskies along with Northern. One place, Focusing on your Bass fishing on Rainy Lake has seen dramatic... Bass Lakes is a run of emerald shiners up the Rainy River is hands down is the best in Ontario. And all the same areas through summer, but a select few know how... This caliber congregate down a bit, I ’ m saying this, a... This bite typically holds until about the area as vertical as possible ; it shouldn’t enter the water anything...

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